Thursday, August 25, 2005


The 2005 Scottish Police Golf Championship will take place at Ladybank and Balbirnie Park golf clubs in Fife, from Monday 5th to Wednesday 7th September.

Monday 5th September will be the practice day. Practice times will be bookable through the professional shops of the two clubs. Booking of practice times will be open from MONDAY 29th AUGUST.

Contact numbers for booking times are :_

LADYBANK - 01337 830725
BALBIRNIE PARK - 01592 752006

The draw for order of play, including handicaps and force is listed below.

Names highlighted in gold are competitors in the Ladies Championship.

Abbreviations for forces are :-

S - Strathclyde, L&B - Lothian & Borders, D&G - Dumfries & Galloway, F - Fife, G - Grampian, N - Northern, C - C entral Scotland, T - Tayside, BTP - British Transport

FIRST CLASS (0-9 handicap)

Tuesday 6th September - Balbirnie Park
Wednesday 7th September - Ladybank

0740/0740 - N. Black (6)(L&B), C. Brough (6) T), S. Boyd (4)(S)
0750/0750 - J. Boyd (1)(S), G. Reid (3)(L&B), J. Stevenson (6)(S)
0800/1221 - F. Jervis (+1)(L&B), I. Fraser (+1)(D&G), K. Lammie (Scr)(S)
0807/1214 - J. Gilmour (Scr)(S), G. Stewart (1)(G), C. Milne (1)(L&B)
0814/1207 - W. Brown (Scr)(S), C. Walker (Scr)(L&B), G. Doig (1)(D&G)
0821/1200 - W. Butler (1)(S), J. Hunter (1)(L&B), K. Hunter (1)(N)
0828/1149 - M. Malpas (1)(S), G. Smith (2)(T), S. Reid (2)(L&B)
0835/1142 - R. Hall (1)(F), S. Millar (2)(T), A. Gemmill (2)(S)
0842/1135 - H. Anderson (1)(C), B. Ritchie (2)(G), F. Greer (3)(S)
0849/1128 - D. Douglas (2)(D&G), S. Wilson (2)(S), J. Anton (2)(T)
0900/1121 -G. Young (2)(T), M. Graham Jr. (2)(L&B), G. Laing (2)(F)
0907/1114 - A. Malcolm (2)(C), D. McGregor (2)(T), G. Lambie (3)(S)
0914/1107 - S. Robertson (3)(S), D. Black (3)(L&B), B. Ronald (4)(N)
0921/1100 - P. Riley (3)(T), R. Glenroy (3)(S), A. Shanks (3)(L&B)
0928/1049 - I. Denham (4)(C), P. Boyd (4)(S), A. White (4)(D&G)
0935/1042 - T. Anderson (4)(T), L. Robertson (4)(S), F. Cameron (4)(D&G)
0942/1035 - M. Petrie (5)(L&B), S. Miller (5)(S), G. Mackay (5)(L&B)
0949/1028 - R. Paton (5)(S), G. Wallace (5)(F), D. Rennie (5)(L&B)
1000/1021 - I. McKay (5)(S), A. Calder (5)(L&B), K. Miller (5 )(F)
1007/1014 - G. Welsh (5)(L&B), K. Watters (5)(S), G. Craig (5)(G)
1014/1007 - S. Cumerford (5)(L&B), D. McKie (5)(C), M. Smith (5)(L&B)
1021/1000 - S. Abbott (5)(S), C. Harkins (5)(L&B), W. Beattie (6)(G)
1028/0949 - S. Hutcheon (5)(F), M. Fulton (5)(L&B), E. Wilson (6)(C)
1035/0942 - G. Thomson (5)(L&B), A. Shepherd (6)(T), G. McEwan (6)(C)
1042/0935 - D. Macleod (6)(N), I. Cochrane (6)(S), G. Chrystal (6)(F)
1049/0928 - S. Byron (6)(L&B), J. Speid (6)(T), R. Stewart (6)(S)
1100/0921 - D. Sharpe (6)(L&B), S. Ednie (6)(G), J. Cherry (6)(L&B)
1107/0914 - S. Lemmon (7)(N), J. Semple (7)(S), J. Meek (7)(F)
1114/0907 - K. McGowan (7)(L&B), B. Wright (7)(S), G. Manson (7)(C)
1121/0900 - J. Peacock (7)(S), P. Sinclair (7)(N), A. Wood (8)(F)
1128/0849 - K. McKenzie (7)(L&B), G. McGregor (7)(S), E. Allan (8)(G)
1135/0842 - P. Wilson (7)(L&B), G. Bell (7)(S), B. Haggerty (7)(S)
1142/0835 - A. Barron (8)(T), P. Richmond (8)(S), B. McPherson (8)(G)
1149/0828 - S. Aitken (8)(L&B), D. Barclay (8)(T), R. Napier (8)(S)
1200/0821 - K. Mulvenna (8)(S), J. Quither (8)(T), J. Thomson (8)(S)
1207/ 0814 - G. Steele (8)(T), W. Hargreaves (8)(N), J. Nicolson (9)(S)
1214/0807 - P. Steven (7)(BTP), G. Moncrieff (9)(S), G. Cant (9)(T)
1221/0800 - C. Collins (9)(S), D. Ogilvie (9)(T), G. Murray (9)(S)
1228/1228 - D. Anderson (9)(S), D. Campbell (9)(L&B), M. Bryceland (9)(G)
1235/1235 - D. Smith (9)(S), W. McGuckin (9)(C), C. Montgomery (6)(S)
1242/1242 - M. Turner (9)(C), J. Nugent (9)(F)

SECOND CLASS (10 - 18 handicap)

Tuesday 6th September - Ladybank
Wednesday 7th September - Balbirnie Park

0740/0740 -
0750/0750 - A. Allardice (11)(S), D. McCarroll (12)(F), I. Scoular (13)(C)
0800/1221 - A. Ross (10)(D&G), D. Cowe (10)(G), R. Grant (10)(N)
0807/1214 - A.J. Malcolm (10)(S), N. Malone (10)(C), S. Nicolson (10(L&B)
0814/1207 - L. Thomson (10)(S), J. Hay (10)(C), B. Murray (10)(G)
0821/1200 - I. Jamieson (10)(S), S. Archer (10)(G), G. Forrest (10)(L&B)
0828/1149 - I. Barber (11)(C), A. Stoddart (10)(N), A. Baynes (11)(G)
0835/1142 - S. Macdonald (10)(N), I. Fergusson (11)(L&B), S. Boyle (11)(S)
0842/1135 - D.Wotherspoon(11)(S), P.Murray(12)(G), M.Cormack(11)(N)
0849/1128 - W. McMillan (11)(S), C. McNeill (11)(L&B), I. Smith (11)(N)
0900/1121 - I. Hall (11)(T), M. Graham Snr (12)(L&B), J. Mckimmie (12)(N)
0907/1114 - G. Rogers (11)(N), A. Finlay (12)(T), D. Pagan (12)(L&B)
0914/1107 - J. McPherson (12)(S), W. Rae (12)(T), G. Clark (12)(L&B)
0921/1100 - I. Mulgrew (12)(C), P. Nevans (12)(S), J. McDonald (12)(N)
0928/1049 - M.Macdonald(12)(D&G), M.Cochrane(12)(G), P.Cullen(13)(F)
0935/1042 -
0942/1035 - G.Gibson(13)(S), R.Nisbet(13)(L&B),W.C. Macdonald(13)(N)
0949/1028 - T. Rogers (13)(S), A. Wison (13)(C), M. Brunton (13)(L&B)
1000/1021 - A. McBean (14)(N), W. Scott (14)(BTP), R. Aitken (14)(L&B)
1007/1014 - P. Lamb (14)(G), J. McKie (14)(F), M. Greig (14)(L&B)
1014/1007 - W. Bowman (14)(S), W. Rennie (14)(G), N. Graham (14)(L&B)
1021/1000 - T. Dean (14)(S), R. Yuill (14)(F), Z. Carney (14)(G)
1028/0949 - A. Watson (14)(T), A. Freedman (14)(F), C. Bootland (15)(L&B)
1035/0942 - R. Allan (15)(S), G. Waghorn (14)(T), J. Keddie (15)(L&B)
1042/0935 - B. Mulgrew (15)(C), L. Baird (15)(F), J. Lackie (15)(L&B)
1049/0928 - D. Ross (15)(N), M. Tate (16)(D&G), C. Robertson (16)(G)
1100/0921 - J. Baillie (16)(D&G), D. Mailer (16)(BTP), W. Clark (17)(C)
1107/0914 - J. Frame (17)(L&B), L. Duncan (17)(BTP), A. McKinnon (17)(N)
1114/0907 - K.Sewell(17)(L&B), J.Ramage(17)(S), K.Robertson(17)(G)
1121/0900 -
1128/0849 - R. Ross (18)(N), G. Strachan (18)(G), A. Wight (18)(F)
1135/0842 - C. Macgregor (18)(T), G. Kirk (18)(C), A. Heath (18)(N)
1142/0835 - D. Horne (18)(T), E. Fraser (18)(G), A. Vallance (18)(F)
1149/0828 - P. Craig (18)(S), R. Bowman (18)(T), F. Phillips (18)(BTP)
1200/0821 - C. Macallister (18)(S), D. Allan (18)(T), C. Donald (18)(G)
1207/0814 - H. Tod (18)(S), J. McQuillan (18)(D&G), K. Clayton (18)(L&B)
1214/0807 - L.Pearson(18)(S), G.Mitchell(18)(D&G), C.Whyman(18)(L&B)
1221/0800 - K. Barrie (18)(L&B), A. Kidd (18) (T)

Please Note :- Should any player have a handicap increase or reduction, prior to the championship, which would necccesitate a transfer from one handicap category or the other, from the published draw (I/E. from 10 - 18 handicap category in to 0 -9 handicap category, or vice versa) then it is important that the SPGA committee are notified on Monday 5th September, at the latest. This will facilitate transfer to times in the draw, and alternative venues, within the appropriate handicap class.

Other changes of handicaps which do not affect the class players are competing in should, as usual, be notified on registration on the first day of the championship.


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